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Keeping a Good Maintenance Schedule for Your Air Conditioning

If you are like most homeowners and business owners, the absolute last thing you want to happen is for your air conditioning to break down in the middle of summer. We all rely on this appliance to keep us cool and comfortable during those times when the temperature is at its highest.

You probably already have an annual or semiannual service regimen for your air conditioning but there are some very important issues that you can take care of month to month so that your air conditioning stays up and running.

Monthly Filter Changes

Some HVAC companies suggest that you change your filter out every 3 months. This might be fine for some air conditioning systems, but a good habit to get into is changing filters out every month.

Make yourself a filter change checklist and post it on your refrigerator door (aka the family bulletin board).

You might also take a good look at which filter you are using. In the face of a pandemic as we have been, you might do you and your family or employees a good thing by upgrading to a more efficient and healthy type of filter. Don’t just always reach for the cheaper filters. A better filter will also help the longevity of your air conditioning.

Keeping Debris Out From Around Your Condenser

The outdoor portion of your air conditioning system is the condensing unit. This is where all the heat that was removed from your house gets moved to the outdoors. Make sure that your condensing unit is free and clear of anything that could block the air flow across those condensing coils.

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Regular Air Conditioner Maintenance: Protect your Investment!

  • Change your air filters every 90 days, what is indicated on filters, or frequency suggested by our technician.
  • Sign up for a Maintenance Plan and ensure maintenance is performed each spring and fall. Preseason prevention can help lessen future costly repairs when you rely most on the comfort provided by your system.
  • Ask our technician for additional information to help your home comfortable for years and years to come.

HVAC equipment may lose efficiency over time if not appropriately maintained. Routine maintenance can play a big part in maximizing the longevity and maintaining the energy-efficient performance your equipment. It’s as important as going to the dentist! Take care of what’s important, and it should take care of you.

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