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AC Repair Services

Air conditioning repairs come in all shapes, sizes, and costs! Every repair-replace scenario is unique to the unit and the expectations of the homeowner. If a repair is necessary, homeowners should decide their repair cost cutoff point. How expensive does an air conditioner repair need to be before it’s worth it to upgrade to a new system? The long-term utility bill savings of purchasing a higher efficiency air condition system may outweigh the price of a series of costly repairs. However, if our HVAC contractor provides repair estimates that come close to your predetermined budget threshold, it may be best to start researching new air conditioner models. On the contrary, if the air conditioner problem is an easy, relatively inexpensive fix that restores peak efficiency, a repair may be the best approach.

Emergency AC Repair In Phoenix

Arizona weather gets extremely hot in the summer, and a broken air conditioner on a hot summer day may require emergency repairs. How do you know when you need AC repair in Phoenix, AZ? These are the signs you should call a professional immediately.

Unusual Sounds

All AC units make noise, but you have likely become acquainted with the usual sounds of your system. If something quickly changes, something may be wrong.

One common sound that indicates an emergency AC repair is screeching. A screeching sound indicates a fan belt that is loose or the system has an issue with a compressor. If you hear a noise like this, turn off your system and call an AC professional right away.

Burning Smells

Burning smells are a very bad sign that something is wrong with the electrical components of your air conditioner. Something could actually be burning in your system, and you need to turn off the power right away and call a professional.

Electrical Issues

Does your AC unit keep shorting your circuit? You could have a safety issue on your hands, and it may be time to consult with a professional about the potential electrical hazards your unit is creating.

No Air Is Coming Out

Do you feel like your AC is not kicking on? If you do not feel any airflow, your entire unit may not be working. A home can heat up very quickly in Phoenix summers where the temperature is often higher than 110 degrees. There are many reasons for this problem, and a professional needs to diagnose and assess the issue.

Emergency AC Repair Helps You In the Heat of Summer

An Arizona summer can be devastating without air conditioning. Emergency AC repair in Phoenix, AZ, makes your home comfortable once again. If you believe your AC unit needs repairs, contact us to learn more about the problems you face.

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